How big is your lot?
0-50,000 sq ft
50,0001-100,000 sq ft
100,001-300,000 sq ft
300,000 + sq ft

How many parking
spaces are in the lot?
0-50         51-100
101-300   301-500
Do you require our services
at multiple locations?
Yes       No

Type of Property

Additional Comments




 What geographic areas does NYSnowBusters service?


NYSnowBusters services all of Long Island, both Nassau and Suffolk County.


Who are your typical customers?


NYSnowBusters specializes in commercial properties including shopping centers, strip malls, schools, industrial parks, office complexes, hospitals, condo developments, apartment complexes, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, factories, etc.


What type of contracts do you offer?


We offer both an annual service contract that includes all plowing within the accumulation of terms of the contract, regardless of the number of storms that occur during the winter season.


We also offer a per inch contract where the customer us billed for each storm event according to the accumulation terms of the contract.


How do you manage ice?


We maintain a large inventory of sand/salt (70-30% mix) as well as a supply of straight salt. Ice melt materials are applied either automatically or only by the customer’s request. 


Do you have adequate equipment in the event of a blizzard?


As Long Island’s premier snow removal and ice management company, we have made a commitment to ensure we have all the necessary equipment available in the event of a severe snow storm.